Orang Minyak (2009)



The story is about a detective who’s trying to profile a serial rapist/killer terrorizing a local area. At this point, he couldn’t quite figure out who or how the killer operates, but the method and target is always the same: 15-20 year old virgins, raped and supposedly drowned in motor oil. Little that he knows that he is just part of an on going war between two supernatural powers of light and dark.

This totally offsets the Sabariah Tukang Sihir story-lines by adapting a noir-esque approach and injecting element of science a la CSI into the story. Sabariah herself plays no part in the story, as it tells the story from a different perspective – the detective who happened to stumble upon Sabariah’s handiwork in defeating demons and evil spirits…

Trivia: orang minyak (oily man) is a mythological “demon” that rapes up to 21 virgins in order to achieve invincibility and some say immortality as well. Wiki it to find out more!

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