a friend of mine just reminded me of something i read.

a world that exists, but is invisible to the naked eye.

the world of bacteria.

it says in the book that if we’re microscopic, swimming in plain water is just like swimming in a pool of strings: very, very sluggish. the molecules of the water is just impossible to budge when you’re bacteria-sized. i wonder what the world would actually LOOK like, you know, looking at other bacterias and other miniscule stuffs that we usually couldn’t see.

i would like to imagine my self swimming in somebody’s eye, you know, in the fluid covering the eye (i’m not a scientist goddammit, i dunno what it’s called!), and then swimming up to his cornea and do a starfish dance right in his eye! i’m not sure whether you can focus on something that close to the cornea. most probably it’ll be just a speck drifting in the fluid, transparent things that you sometimes could see swimming in your eye(s).

ah, don’t tell me i’m the only one who could see those things…

i bet the moment the guy blinks would be like a tsunami of tears in a catastrophic scale! surfing? hell yeah. but i’ve never surfed before.

oh wait.

i couldn’t really swim in the first place! why the hell am i talking about this? sheesh!